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The interview was very smooth and the IO just ask us 34 questions. After interview 30mins, I130 case status change to approved. However, three days later, I received a callin letter from field office thay they scheduled us for second interview.Microsoft Interview Experience Set 130 (Internship) Microsoft Internship Interview Experience July 2017: First round was a 75 minutes online round in which 3 simple questions were asked. interview i 130 experiences

What Happens Between I130 Approval and Consular Interview. That can take six to eight weeks after approval of your I130 in some cases, and possibly even longer. Before your interview, you will need to attend a medical examination with an authorized physician. To find one in your country, go to the State Department website described

Sep 30, 2011 So on May 30th, about 6 and 12 months after we filed the I130, we got our interview notice! Yay! They requested that we bring each other, our ID, any proof of marriage, and our I864, the Affidavit of Support, which we had not previously filed at all. I130 interview. What could happen that day, best and worst case scenario? Yes, we have a lawyer and we are not secondguessing him. Can any attorneys who have assisted clients in such interviews share their experience in situations when the alien had entered with a fraudulent passport and has used all legal means to become legal, but withoutinterview i 130 experiences Aug 26, 2015  I130 interview experience Basically it was a near disaster because we had a discrepancy in about 5 questions out of 80. All I can say is that the officers grill you like you have a

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Top Mistakes Applicants Make at Adjustment of Status Interview. If an applicant submitted a familybased petition (Form I130 or I360) and application for adjustment of status (Form I485) together, USCIS will decide both of the applications at the same time. While finally receiving the interview notice is exciting, attending the interview i 130 experiences Sample Questions for Marriage I130 and I485 Green Card Interviews by JP Sarmiento on November 8, 2012 The final step in the marriagebased green card process, the I130 and I485 based on marriage to a U. S. Citizen, is the interview. For familybased applications, USCIS generally require s the Form I130 petitioner to appear for the interview with the principal adjustment of status applicant. In addition, derivatives are also required to appear regardless of the filing category. (USCIS) is updating guidance regarding adjustment of status interview guidelines and Adjustment of Status Interview Experience. Above all, stay calm. AOS interview experiences differ from person to person, couple to couple, and USCIS officer to officer. They had an AOS interview in Jacksonville, Florida, after they filed I130 and I485 applications for Jill to be allowed to live in the United States, which she had been Amazon interview Experience Set 130 (For SDET 1) I attended an interview with Amazon for SDETI position, about a month back. I did not clear the interview, but I would like thank GeeksforGeeks for the great learning period before the interview.