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Jun 21, 2010 Interview: Keiji Inafune on Dead Rising 2, character design and difficulty. Capcom's Global Head of Production, Keiji Inafune, who started with the company over 20 years ago as an illustrator, oversees production of the publisher's major franchises, including Resident Evil, Lost Planet, Street Fighter and Dead Rising.In practice, Inafune often spends a lot of time developing a games creative concept upfront, and then brings in others to help see it through. This is one of a handful of philosophies Inafune brings up in his interview for this story, theories that he says define Comcepts approach to making games. keiji inafune interview

Feb 21, 2008 Done by GT. From the GCN version of Megaman Anniversary Collection.

Keiji Inafune. Inafune then moved onto the position of producer with his first title being Mega Man 8 in 1996. In addition to being the producer for Mega Man X4, Mega Man X5, the three Mega Man Legends games, the Mega Man Zero series, and the Mega Man Battle Network series. Inafune was also a producer of the Lost Planet, Mar 31, 2013 Ripped from the disc and produced by G4.keiji inafune interview Interview with Keiji Inafune. Capcom. Retrieved on May 4, 2006. MegaMan Neoseeker (2005). Interview with Keiji Inafune 2. Capcom. Retrieved on May 4, 2006. Gamespy (2005). Interview with Keiji Inafune 3. Capcom. Retrieved on May 8, 2006. Xbox 360 official magazine site (2005). Interview with Keiji Inafune 4. Capcom. Retrieved on May 8, 2006.

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May 11, 2006 Keiji Inafune: What the Xbox 360 represents is a great balance. When you think about when it was released, what it can do, how much it costs, the type of games it will have, it's just in a very keiji inafune interview Jul 27, 2016 We caught up with Comcept's Keiji Inafune to learn more about the prospects of Recore that is being developed in collaboration with Armature Studio. Interview with Keiji Inafune of Capcom. On DR2, Case Zero and the WesternEastern game debate. by Dan Page. Kill mutants, aliens and other freaks with maximum stopping power. As the head of global research and development at Capcom, Keiji Inafune is one of the most influential figures in the Japanese gaming industry. In an interview published in an issue of Game Informer in October 2013, Inafune revealed he would not have ruled out Capcom, his former employer, At Anime Expo 2014, an animated series based on the game was announced by Keiji Inafune, with animations created by Tokyobased Digital Frontier. Keiji Inafune 1999 Developer Interview originally featured in Game Hihyou magazine Id like to start today by talking about how we came to the decision to port the Famicom Rockman games to the Playstation. 2 years ago, there was a special event for Rockmans 10th Anniversary.