How to unlock secret level acorn plains

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It can be found in the game's intro, Acorn Plains' map section and said world's first level. This world has eight levels, with 5 normal levels, a secret level, a Tower, a Castle, a red and green Toad House, a Piranha Plant Enemy Course, and a spot where a magenta Baby Yoshi walks near.Blooper's Secret Lair. One of the game's few underwater courses, the level is, as stated, filled with Bloopers. The player must have found the secret exit in Tilted Tunnel to reach this course. Completion of this level skips LayerCake Desert, Sparkling Waters, and Frosted Glacier, and provides access to Soda Jungle, bypassing The Mighty Cannonship. how to unlock secret level acorn plains

Unlock them, and you not only find your way to a Hidden Level, but even shortcuts that span between worlds will be yours. Acorn PlainsA Blooper's Secret Lair. World 2 Layer Cake Desert. World

Nov 18, 2012 In level 12 (Tilted Tunnel) there is a secret exit at the end of the stage. When you reach the red coin ring on a slanted purple crystal, you can leap up over the red ring to find a hidden passage with a bunch of normal coins in it. In that passage, leap up at the top of the first hill to find another hidden passage made of square bricks. Welcome to IGN's New Super Mario Bros. U Walkthrough and Guide. Here is the Secret Exit Guide for Acorn Plains2: Tilted Tunnel. The Secret Exit will lead you to Acorn PlainsA: Blooper's Secret to unlock secret level acorn plains Location: Acorn Plains 2 Crooked Cavern. Unlock: Acorn Plains A cheemp Chomp Chase. When you reach the platform carrying the 3rd Star Coin you are to ground pound the area with the sign to break your way into a hidden area, after this simply follow the signs through the pipe to the Secret Exit.

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Acorn Plains1 Acorn Plains Way. Between the Checkpoint Flag and the end of the level is a tall a narrow platform. Hop on top and use the Flying Squirrel Suit to get onto the platform on the right. Enter the pipe and slide down the Coin Heaven until you see the third Star Coin at the end. how to unlock secret level acorn plains I have all of the star coins for Acorn Plains. But Superstar Road1 isn't playable! I have beaten the game. You have to find the secret exit in acorn plains 2 tilted tunnel. Rate answer: There is a secret level, Acorn PlainsBlooper. You get to it by finding the secret exit in Acorn Plains2. Dec 22, 2012 Subscribe to the show http: bit. lyNewSMBU We do Acorn Plains2: Tilted Tunnel collecting all 3 Star Coins and doing the Secret Exit: )