Blood sugar level of 350 dangerous

2020-02-18 06:59

What Type 2s Can Do When Blood Sugar Soars. However, hyperglycemia, highblood sugar levels consistently above 240 mgdL, can be just as dangerous. Left untreated, at its most extreme highblood sugar, can induce ketoacidosis, the buildup of toxicacid ketones in the blood and urine. It can also bring on nausea, weakness, fruitysmelling breath,My blood sugar is 350mgdl fasting. I have tested my blood glucose level and it says 350 mgdl. Is this a dangerous blood sugar value to have? What can i do to improve my blood sugar readings and how do i get the best results? blood sugar level of 350 dangerous

A blood sugar level of 300 is considered too high and may lead to extreme thirst, increased appetite, weight loss or fatigue, according to WebMD. If blood sugar levels continue to increase above 350 milligrams per deciliter, a patient may become unconscious or lethargic. Keep Learning.

However, the dangerous sugar levels, where the symptoms of hypoglycemia will occur, are considered those less than 40 mgdL. Shaking, nausea, tremors, sweating or increased heart palpitations are some symptoms to recognize your blood sugar is dropping. When blood sugar levels are over 400, it is no joke. There are many serious risks associated with high blood sugar levels. The good news is that there are ways to prevent this from happening.blood sugar level of 350 dangerous Jan 26, 2019 If an individual's sustained blood sugar falls below 55 milligrams per deciliter (mgdL) or measures higher than 180mgdL, he is considered to have dangerous blood sugar levels. Normal blood sugar levels typically range from 82 to 110mgdL, but these tend to fluctuate when an individual eats or forgets to eat.

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Blood Sugar Level 350 Dangerous This information describes diabetes, the complications related to the disease, and how you can prevent these complications. Blood Sugar Control Diabetes is a disease where the blood sugar runs too high, usually due to not enough insulin. blood sugar level of 350 dangerous How dangerous is a blood sugar level of 350? I don't have insurance so I am trying to make it for a few more months. I wake up at about 220 to 250 but by afternoon (2 hrs after meal) I am at 350 or so. The Danger of Blood Sugar Readings in the 400s Over 400 is considered extremely high. Theres no such thing as 400 is as bad as 250. A glucose reading of 400 means theres a heck of a lot of sugar in the bloodstream. It poses two dangers: Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome. Feb 11, 2012 Hi, Its been a little while since I last posted here. I am having an ongoing debate, is having blood sugars in the 400s dangerous? While I know that it is not good to have them that high, I am yet to be convinced that numbers in the those levels can kill you. They kept me overnight trying to get my blood sugar down. Finally Dxed at 350 Dec 13, 2010 Hi All, My mom is having diabetes and her sugar level has reached beyond 350. She is taking semi diannel medicine but her sugar level remains quite high.