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Personnel Licensing (Certifying Staff) Part66. Appendix I. Basic Knowledge Requirements 1. Knowledge levels for Category A, B1, B2, B3 and C Aircraft maintenance Licence. Basic knowledge for categories A, B1, B2 and B3 are indicated by knowledge levels (1,CIVIL AVIATION ADVISORY PUBLICATION CAAP 28 UAE CAR66 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE LICENCE (III) 35 25 Appendix (IVA) 40 26 Appendix (IVB) 49 27 Appendix (IVC) 53 Knowledge level requirements are given in Appendix I to CAR 66. A. Aeroplanes TurbineEngines (A1. 1) part-66 appendix iii level 1

EASA Part66, Appendix III Type Training and Examination Standard . The participant will In addition to the information contained in level 1 and level 2 training, upon completion of the level 3 EASA PART 66 Airbus A318A (CFM56) B1B2 OTHER COURSES FOR THE SAME CATEGORY

The level of knowledge for a module, or part of a module, for a Category A, B1 or B2 licence is indicated in Part 3 of this Appendix by the allocation of a numerical indicator (1, 2 or 3) against the module or part. These courses should be at least at a level equivalent to Part66 Appendix III Level 1 General Familiarisation and could be imparted by a Part147 organisation, by the manufacturer, or by any other organisation accepted by the competent authority.part-66 appendix iii level 1 (1) In order to maintain a high uniform level of aviation safety in Europe, it is necessary to introduce changes to 66. A. 30 and Appendix III of Annex III (Part66) related to basic knowledge examinations, basic experience, theoretical type training and exam Annex III (Part66) and point 145. A. 35 to carry out minor scheduled line

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AMCGM TO ANNEX III (PART66) TO REGULATION (EU) No. Page 4 of 110 AMC 66. 1(a) Competent Authority. A competent authority may be a ministry, a national aviation authority, or any aviation body designated by the Member State and located within that Member State. part-66 appendix iii level 1 Part66 Appendix III Type training and Examination Standard Part66 Appendix IV Experience requirements for extending a Part66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence Part66 Appendix V Application Form EASA Form 19 Part66 Appendix VI Aircraft Maintenance Licence referred to in Annex III (Part66) EASA Form 26 Theoretical and practical training shall comply with Appendix III to this Part. e) Category C approved type training shall comply with Appendix III to this Part. In the case of a category C person qualified by holding an academic degree as specified in PART66. A. 30(a), (5), the first relevant aircraft type theoretical training shall be at the category B1 or B2 level. COMPLIANCE REPORT TO PART 145 OJT acc. to Part 66 Appendix III BG CAA Practical Training OJT Compliance Checklist Rev. 3 of 8 Trainee name: Birth date: Part 66 AML no. : Category Chapters Introduction module 1 LOC 2 FOT 3 SGH 4RI 5MEL 6TS 1LOC 2FOT 3SGH 4RI 5MEL 6 TS B1 B2 This course is in compliance with EASA Part66, Appendix III Type Training and Examination Standard. Boeing 777 B1B2 Theoretical Training. View Type Certificate Data Sheet. DURATION: Describe procedures for replacement of components unique to the aircraft to maintenance manual level. Prerequisites EASA Part66 Aircraft